What am I sappy cat blogging?

December 11, 2015

sam's basket

Cmdr. Vimes got a new basket.  Thank you, Robb!

Sam is a Maine Coon cat, so you can imagine the size of the basket.


  1. Lucky, lucky Sam. Is that the size of basket for firewood? 🙂 Malkin is jealous.

    • And now thanks to Robb, we have two big baskets – on for Sam and one for Hobbes!

  2. I saw a video of a mother cat taking care of ducklings. Which one us will post that first? 😀

    • Oh, what fun! You will post first – I have been out of town and out of touch!

      • Now I can’t find it. I guess I have to go to You Tube land

      • I’ll look, too!

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