What am I sappy cat blogging?

August 8, 2014

hobbes-2 - Copy

Today’s post is about my fluffy little fur ball, Hobbes.  Just one year old, Hobbes is still a growing boy – and he has some maturing to do, particularly in the personal grooming area.  His back and rear quarters developed such thick felted areas that we had to resort to this:

Hobbes shaven 2

Hobbes shaven 1

We should have named him Matt.  Other than looking ridiculous, he seems much more comfortable now. I mentioned to the vet that I am sure he will cotton on to the idea of grooming as he gets older.  She said, “Yeah, that could happen.”


  1. Just think what Sam would look like with such a bouffant clip. 🙂

    …bouffant bein a furrin word, it can mean anything. Anything at all.

    • I think it is a furrin word as in, “I can’t hair you!”

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