What am I celebrating?

May 10, 2014


National Train Day is a holiday started by Amtrak in 2008 as a method to spread information to the general public about the advantages of rail travel and the history of trains in the United States. It is held each year on the Saturday closest to May 10, the anniversary of the pounding of the Golden Spike in Promontory, Utah which marked the completion of the first transcontinental railroad. Events are held at Amtrak stations as well as railroad museums across the country and often have passenger cars and model railroad layouts on display. The largest events usually take place in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, PA, Chicago, IL, and Los Angeles, CA.

Ref. Wikipedia.


Unfortunately, nothing is going on in my neck of the woods on this day.  Nevertheless, here are some photos from a recent trip to Baltimore and the wonderful B&O Railroad Museum.

B&O Roundhouse museum2


B&O mailcar detail

B&O car detail

B&O balloon stack

B&O Engine controls

B&O driving wheelsB&O engine 592




  1. GREAT pics!

    I’m “of an age” where I remember train travel quite well, both in these United states as a a child, and in Europe and Japan. I don’t think there’s anything more exciting to a young child than an overnight train trip in a Pullman car; at least nothing in this modern world comes immediately to mind.

    I looked into AMTRAK fares out to the East Coast and was SHOCKED at the expense of a round-trip ticket from Las Vegas, NM to Washington, DC. I had hoped to re-live the rail adventure this year but not at what they’re asking. AMTRAK has turned long distance train travel into a rich person’s hobby.

    • I agree. It is a shame that the expense is so great. And, around here anyway, difficult to access. I remember my mother saying she took the train across the country when my dad was in the service. She loved it. I would love to retrace that journey.

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