What am I ranting about?

April 28, 2014


I try not to rant, but I’ve been out of town and came back with the “airplane cold” and am a little cranky.

My friend at HMS Defiant says that “studies have shown” that there really is no good way to board an airplane, or if there is a good way, the airlines ignore it, or the airlines try, but it is a losing battle.

I have my own proposal – charge those who bring big bags on board – and wear suit jackets that they must remove when I am trying to get by  – and who cannot read their ticket number and sit in the wrong seat – and who recline their seats so their heads are in my lap – and who are otherwise annoying to me.
This is not an interesting post – don’t feel you have to read it.



  1. Oh dear… the last “airplane cold” I got lasted a month. Feel better soon.

    • Thanks 🙂

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