What do I remember today?

September 11, 2013


Where were you on 9/11?

Photo courtesy Breda.


  1. I was in SFO… three hours removed in time from the event but VERY much in tune with everything that happened that horrific day. It all started when I got my morning coffee at Starbucks just after 0630 hrs local… and the rest of the day was a blur. We… my company… had to implement our disaster recovery plan and I was VERY busy.

    But that was just me. We did have time to watch the story unfold on our big-screen teevee in our ops center as we worked. And cried.

    • Yes, the televisions popped up everywhere as if by magic, and we watched and cried.

  2. I was still a child- only 13. We were out in California, so we woke up to the news. I remember being terrified all day because we really just had no idea what was happening. My parent’s wouldn’t let us watch the news, but we saw it all in the papers the next day. Can’t believe it has already been 12 years.

    • I think everyone pretty much felt that way – that they had no idea what was happening. All the more so for parents who had to try to explain it to their kids.

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