About what am I being pedantic?

May 30, 2013

I have been blogging for a while and have found many interesting people sharing their thoughts and their knowledge online.  I enjoy that a lot.  I also enjoy the process of composing my own posts and am delighted when they seem to touch another person.

Lately I have given some thought to the whole blogging process and have come up with the following – The Five Stages of Blogging.  This is offered with much gratitude to the classic developmental psychologists whose influence you will recognize in these descriptions.

Five Stages of Blogging


Infancy – the exploratory phase

  • What is a blog and who are these people?
  • Do I have anything to say?
  • Will anyone read this?
  • Look at what people are writing – I can certainly do this – and better, too!


Launch phase-gaining in dependence

  • Choosing a blogging platform
  • Choosing a picture and avatar
  • Crafting my about page


Angst and inadequacy

  • I spent all this time designing my page why isn’t anyone reading me?
  • Am I not interesting?
  • Could my blog be more attractive?
  • Maybe I would attract more readers if I were more sassy, sexy, vulnerable, assertive, . . . ?


Elation, validation and obsession

  • I have followers!
  • From Malaysia!
  • I received a blog award!
  • I’m thinking I can quit my job and make money at this


 Self-actualization – reality is re-established

If you have read this far, please give yourself the following blog award and know that you are my favorite reader.

favorite reader award


  1. Cute

    • Thanks! Give yourself an award.

  2. So it’s some kind of gateway thing eh? I like it!

    • Thank you, Favorite Reader.

  3. I’ll take it!
    It is as if you were reading MY mind.
    Since I don’t make $$ blogging friends have become my reward and I consider you one. Ah! 😀

    • Just as you are one of my valued blog friends!

  4. Your blogging phases are very perceptive, Anne. There’s a final phase I’ve noted, though… when some of my favorite reads quit blogging in favor of the Hated Facebook. Aiiieee!

    • I agree with you about Facebook. I have had the same experience with some blogs I read regularly. I just don’t understand the appeal.

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