Why was I late for work?

May 15, 2013

This morning I got up – took a shower – got dressed – packed a lunch – had plenty of time to get a cup of coffee and a croissant – and yet I arrived at work late.  Normally it is a 15 minute drive to work – with traffic and bad timing it takes 20 minutes.  However today it took almost an hour.  My regular route was backed up, my alternate route was backed up, every road was backed up.  There were barricades and police cars blocking roads along the way.  Terrible accident?  Presidential visit?

fortune cookie 1966

No, they are shooting a movie.  I think it is Draft Day with Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner.  The movie industry in Cleveland is small enough that it is a big deal (Christmas Story) when area neighborhoods (Welcome to Collinwood) appear on screen (American Splendor) – and sometimes surprising (Spiderman).  Here according to About.com are the top 10 movies filmed in Cleveland.

costner(I could not find an image for Draft Day, but here is Kevin Costner with an Emmy for something.)

I should get to the movies more often.


  1. Dare we say you live in movie Mecca? 🙂

    • Okey dokey!

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