What am I sappy cat blogging?

July 13, 2012

Thanks to Robb and Regan for this reference.

I have posted before about craft-cat connections.  I do know someone who has knit objects from dog hair.  In this book, the projects incorporate or are totally composed of hair that your cat is no longer using.  Crafty recycling.


  1. I know we have three cats and so are apparently already gluttons for punishment, but I’m getting an asthma attack and hives just thinking about this… 🙂

    • I agree, it’s too much, and yet how clever to market that idea.

  2. It’s plenty clever until you realize that clothes moths think felted cat hair is The Awesome….

    • You know, I put on a sweater the other day that I had not worn for a while. I was intrigued by its alluring scent, until I realized I was smelling mothballs (lavender scented mothballs, but mothballs, nonetheless.) Mmm . . . sexy.

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