What am I doing this week?

May 24, 2012

I am on jury duty at the Justice Center seen above.  The giant paper clip looking thing is an Isamu Noguchi sculpture titled, Portal.

I have been called to jury duty before and this  experience, as the previous ones, has been informative.  I learned about the different types of trials and the differences in the burden of proof in those trials.  I was chosen as a pool of jurors for a criminal case.  During the jury selection, the defense attorney asked me a convoluted, double-negative question. Then he misinterpreted my answer.  When I pointed that out, the judge said, “Counsel approach the bench,” and I figured that jury selection process what pretty much over for me.  So now I am waiting in the larger pool in case my number comes up again for another case.

On the positive side, I did get a two hour lunch break and it was a beautiful day.  Here are some of the things I saw on my walk.

This little bronze figure by Tom Otterness is in the Library’s  EastmanReading Garden where I ate my lunch.

The is the main hallway in the Library.

This is the beautiful light fixture in the Library’s main foyer that I covet.

Doorway in the Popular Fiction Reading Room.

This is the carpet in the same room.

Here is a detail of the ceiling.

More tomorrow if time permits.

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