What am I Sappy Cat Blogging this time?

April 27, 2012

Sam Vimes, above, and Murphy, below.

Noodle is MIA – or MUS (missing upstairs)

I am having painters come on Monday to paint the dining room.  So I am packing and shlepping everything that I can out of the room so the painters can work.  Here is my crew lying down on the job.

One of the tasks is moving the 300+ cookbooks I own.  I am seriously thinking that this may amount to hoarding and maybe I should de-accession some of them (and have my head examined.)  This is the collection of two lifetimes – mine and my mother’s.  I’ll have to think more about this.


  1. I’m trying to decide if you’re exaggerating, or if you really own more than 300 cookbooks. Of course, my family room is really just one big pile of books, so I guess I can’t talk.

    • Actually, I just stopped counting at 300 – and have acquired a few since then such as Classic Cooking with Coca-Cola which I just picked up at the Shaker library book sale. This book features a recipe for baked chicken that calls for half a cup of Coke and a “sensational” veal stew that includes 3/4 cup of Sprite. Couldn’t resist.

  2. I post way too many pictures of my cat on my blog so I totally understand. 🙂

    • No such thing as too many cat pictures.

      • Couldn’t agree more.

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